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Lifestyle Strategy Ventures was born out of a lifetime passion for personal finance. Lead by husband and wife duo, Jervais and Natia, the company's mission is to inspire and enable people to reach for the Big Opportunities in life. 


We help people just like you build a game plan to achieve goals like improving credit and personal finance, home ownership, starting a business, real estate investing and planning for the future. 




I spent the past 20 years, marketing fast growing startups and global brands. But my passion has always been forging a path to sustainable wealth building and showing others how they can do it, too!

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As a former engineer and business development leader, I've helped companies innovate and grow by building strategic plans. Today, I use a similar approach to help individuals define their game plans for life. 

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Jervais and Natia met in college, and their first “date” was an impromptu tour of 4 model homes – as friends. A few months later they married with big dreams and high hopes for their future together. But early on, they struggled with the financial challenges that many couples face: living on a budget, managing student loan debt, and building personal credit. 

Having heard that a home was an investment, the pair made homeownership the first of many “couple goals.” But their hopes were dashed after several lenders told them they weren’t qualified to buy a home. Instead of giving up, Jervais and Natia wrote out a few goals – among them: getting educated on how the financial system actually works, buying their first home, and retiring from their jobs before 45. 


Within a few years, the couple bought their home, which eventually became their first income property. As planned, they left their corporate jobs at the ages of 39 and 42. Today, Jervais and Natia have built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, with properties located nationwide.

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Building a Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio From Scratch
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Real Estate Investing: How Couple in 40s Earned Financial Independence
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